About Us

Promoting talent since 1978

Arcángel Rafael School is a private and secular school.

Our school is not linked to any political, social or religious organization. We teach at all levels from 1-year old’s through 2nd Baccalaureate, including an optional “Dual Baccalaureate”.

Our educational project is based on the idea of “constructing people”. People able to develop their strengths and discover the best about themselves. We value effort in each and every one of our students in an environment based on trust and respect.

We believe in personal and individual talent, that’s why we accompany our students on their personal discovery so they may be successful, both professionally and emotionally.

Constructing people since 1978

People capable of developing
their own skills and
discovering themselves.


Our mission is to educate in truth and freedom to educate responsible, caring and innovative citizens.

Able to actively contribute to the constant transformation of society in a globalized and sustainable world.


Our vision is to be a reference of educational excellence through constant pedagogical innovation.

To educate multilingual, technologically competent, athletic, healthy and ethically responsible people.

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Autonomy
  • Responsibility
  • Personal Effort
  • Sustainability