Guidance Department

Personalized monitoring for each student

We improve learning, with individualized care in all aspects: academic, social and family.

We work with students, families and teachers with the sole objective of improving their learning process, adapting to their characteristics and maximizing their personal skills development.

Accompanying the student

We focus on prevention, attention and early intervention of possible difficulties that may come up during the learning process.

Socrates program: designed to support students who need academic reinforcement.

Sofia program: designed for gifted and high performing students.

Accompanying families

We maintain a close collaborative relationship with families to promote complete student development, through personal interviews, Parents School and specialized conferences.

Accompanying teachers

We have periodic meetings with teachers to follow up on class organization and to elaborate a Tutoring Action Plan where we work on the emotional aspects of our students. We work as a team with the teachers, to improve the learning process management of those students with learning difficulties, dyslexia, attention deficit or high talented.

THE SOFIA PROGRAM is designed for high performing students. They participate in activities which promote divergent thinking, social skills and creativity.

We offer space and time at school with motivating activities, adapted to answer these students social, emotional and intellectual needs, without them losing their regular contact with their fellow students.

The objective of The Guidance Department is the holistic development of the student, thus generating the necessary resources to personalize his/her learning.

We know about family worries and needs in regards to the commitment to their children’s education, so in our School for Parents we set up workshops, talks and conferences for parents throughout the school year.

We promote the student’s development of social skills and essential values through responsible education based on emotional intelligence programs, and civic coexistence.