Students thinking in English, French and Spanish

Our teachers are either native or bilingual in English or French

Our students start learning English and French at 2 years old, with instruction in these languages accounting for half of the school day. We use English as a vehicular language to teach other subjects: Creativity (Arts & Crafts and Music), Physical Education, STEAM and Robotics.

Our school offers the possibility of studying Dual Baccalaureate with Academica International Studies

With this program, students have the possibility of studying both American and Spanish high school which is not only language-wise but covers all academic aspects, giving them the option of studying at universities in the United States. The program is primarily directed at students starting 2nd and 3rd ESO and all students that want to expand their academic horizons.

More information about Dual Baccalaureate

We currently have several exchange programs with schools in the UK and New Zealand. Starting 5th Primary, students can experience summer and academic stays in Ireland, UK, Canada and USA.

These exchange programs place students with host families or at boarding schools, while they attend classes and participate in cultural and sports activities, as any native speaker would. The objective of the program is to familiarize students with English-speaking culture, as well as ease their transition to universities abroad.

Archangel Raphael’s School is a Cambridge Certified Preparation Center for the different language level exams.

Cambridge ESOL: exams from YLE Starters up to Proficiency, as well as TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) for teachers. Students are prepared for these exams during class hours.
The school offers other international exam opportunities such as: TOEFL Junior Comprehensive, APTIS (British Council) or IELTS.

Our school is integrated in the Cambridge University-supported program: BEDA (Bilingual English Development and Assessment) recognized at the highest level: “Reference Model”.

This level acknowledges that our school has ample experience in bilingual education and includes development of teaching materials for other subjects using English as a vehicular language.


We strengthen communication skills, in real situations, with native speakers

Our school has native teachers to practice conversation, in English and in French. They work during class ours with small groups of students. Also, Archangel Raphael’s offers extracurricular classes called “English in Action” and “Français en action” where language is used in real life situations.

They think and communicate in English, French and Spanish

Our students reach a linguistic development in Spanish, English and French, which allows them to communicate, represent themselves and relate to their social environment competently.

Our objective

To develop an appreciation for English and French and the cultures in which they are spoken.

How do we do it?

It is built through play and active participation in all reading, writing, comprehension and oral expression skills.

External exams

To certify their level, students take external exams with extensive international recognition: Cambridge and TOEFL (English) and DELF (French).