Cutting-edge methodology

Developing autonomous learning

Methodologies based on the latest advances in neuroscience

We prepare our students for success in life: an education centered on the individual, where progress, personal effort, recognition and uniqueness are all valued.

PBL, an active and committed way of learning by which students explore real world problems and challenges to obtain new and deeper knowledge.

By working with PBL, students are able to “learn by doing”. Instead of learning about the past by reading a text book, students become “historians” by creating a documentary about an event that changed their country…

We work with The Cooperative Learning Structures developed by Spencer Kagan

It promotes team learning by creating a climate of trust that elevates students’ academic achievement level, as well as it improves their social skills and personal relationships. Different structures allow for knowledge revision as well as to strengthen friendship and understanding among teammates.

Learning based on Robert Swartz’s critical and creative thinking structures, which develops thinking strategies and skills using different logical structures and graphic organizers.

These structures favor reasoning, meta-cognitive and abstract thinking. Its purpose is to offer pointers on how to think. In sum, following the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and technology. our methodology promotes each student’s learning based on his/her needs, motivations and interests, developing their skills potential.

Gardner’s theory says that all human beings possess eight intelligences

Visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic, corporal-kinesthetic, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal. Each person has two or three of these highly developed and, thanks to practical applications of cooperative learning, we can promote the development all of them in each student.

By connecting emotions and learning through the students’ interests and new challenges, we can spark their curiosity and desire for knowledge