Promoting physical activity and healthy habits

Physical education is a priority in our students’ education

Physical activity influences academic performance and it also brings physical, cognitive, social and emotional benefits.

Playing is vital since the students learn by having fun in psychomotricity and swimming classes, exerting curiosity, creativity, self-improvement and self-confidence.

Basic motor skills, self-awareness, social interaction and environmental exploration are all promoted. In this stage, English and French are included in physical education learning.

“Having fun” is still the main focus of these activities.

Fun, physical and sportive activities and interrelations are still promoted, while adding rules according to their age.

We will always keep in mind our students’ capabilities and skills.

Student’s implication and training get more and more intense at this stage. New challenges based on effort, dedication and individual and group perseverance brings out optimal healthy progress and commitment.

Our school has several sports facilities: climate controlled swimming pool, covered sport center, sport-specific facilities…