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Use and access of content on this webpage implies knowledge, and unconditional acceptance, of all following conditions, with the purpose of informing users of rights, use, prohibitions, responsibilities and all other conditions, applicable to this webpage’s navigation, property of Colegio Arcángel Rafael, S.L. – henceforth, Colegio Arcángel. –

The webpage houses content subject to intellectual and industrial property laws. Unlawful use of these outside established limits in this draft may cause responsibilities.


Present conditions regulate access, navigation and webpage use regarding Also regulated are all responsibilities derived from content use – texts, graphs, drawings, designs, pictures, software, code, videos, music, databases, images, information and all other creation protected by national laws and international treaties regarding intellectual and industrial property.-


In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 regarding Information Society services and digital commerce – LSSICE-, Colegio Arcángel Rafael, S.L., CIF B-79814927, registered office at calle Maqueda, 4, 28024 Madrid, registered at the Madrid Commercial Registry, Take 728, Sheet 200, Section 8, Page M-14737 from 1st January, 1991, is the owner of the domain, providing the following contact information:

Post: Colegio Arcángel Raael, S.L.

Calle Maqueda, 4.

28024 Madrid

Phone: 91 711 93 00

Fax: 91 518 68 38


Throughout navigation you may see other contact means, especially email addresses and links to forms, through which you may direct your suggestions, queries and any other circumstance.

We also inform you that Colegio Arcángel is the owner, or has the corresponding license of use, of all content – texts, pictures, drawings, designs, software, source code and incorporated information- displayed throughout the web.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Colegio Arcángel is the owner, or has the corresponding license of use, of industrial and intellectual property exploitation rights regarding the webpage, as well as all content displayed in it. Access to the webpage does not, under any circumstance, mean that Colegio Arcángel renounces, transmits, licenses or transfers these rights.

It is expressly prohibited to delete, elude, or manipulate any of the owners’ rights identification information, technical protection devices or any information and/or identification mechanisms incorporated in web content.

It is also prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, publish, load, send by email, transmit, use, process or distribute in any form, completely or partially, any content included on this webpage for public or commercial purposes, if it is done without express and written authorization by Colegio Arcángel.

The domain as well as all associated domains, owned by Colegio Arcángel, cannot be used, in connection with other content, products or services not owned by it, when such an action may cause confusion among users or discredit the institution. Colegio Arcángel reserves the right of use of the domain, or the commercial denomination used for its activities. Also, it reserves the right to impede the use of the associated domains that may cause error of confusion about signs, denominations or service origin because of their similarity.

Access to content outside the webpage

You will be able to access content provided by third parties reproduced in web pages, not being able to carry out operations and/or actions other than the rules that such third parties have established in their contents.

Access to Social Media

You may have access to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest, exonerating yourself of the violation of the general and particular conditions set out in these social networks. Likewise, the material and/or content contained in these social networks is the property of COLEGIO Arcángel applying the same rules of intellectual property established in this draft.

External sources and social profiles

Colegio Arcángel has access to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest, exonerating Colegio Arcángel of the violation of the general conditions and particulars arranged in these social networks. COLEGIO Arcángel shares these networks with its users, warning them about confidentiality and discretion measures in regards to use of their information.

Facebook. Colegio Arcángel has a profile on Facebook under the denomination Colegio Arcángel where it shares content that may be of interest. In order to access the profile you do not need to register. Through this profile, if you have an account on the social network you can explore sections, “like” and comment on the different entries, though we inform you that your personal profile information is distributed to other users of the social network, so we recommend you adjust the privacy options in your profile settings. In no case, COLEGIO Arcángel through its social profile on Facebook, carries out any action beyond knowing or performing the actions aimed at avoiding possible illicit behaviors. More information regarding the terms of use and privacy of the social network are available on the Facebook platform.

Twitter. Colegio Arcángel has a Twitter account, under the name College Arcángel, to be able to inform through tweets, especially, information that can be of social interest within the school’s activity. In case you want more information, you can follow COLEGIO Arcángel if you have a profile or Twitter account. COLEGIO Arcángel does not perform any illicit action in relation to the personal information available, only actions to respond to or provide statistics of users, tweets and retweets. For more information regarding the conditions of use and privacy check the Twitter platform.

YouTube. A school profile is available on YouTube as Multimedia where it shares content, especially audiovisuals that may be of interest. In order to access the profile, you do not need to register. Through this profile, if you have an account, you can click on the “Like” section and comment on the different entries, informing you that your personal profile information can be distributed to other users of the communication network, recommending that you adjust the different privacy options in your profile settings. In no case, through its profile on YouTube, does the school carry out any action beyond knowing or performing the actions aimed at avoiding possible illicit behaviors. More information regarding the conditions of use-reproduction, copying, reuse, distribution, commercial use, etc.-and privacy of the communication network can be found on the YouTube platform.


The owner of the website is not responsible for the misuse users may make of the website, and the continuity of the contents of the website, among other actions.

It is expressly prohibited to insert, link or mention any publicity, directly or indirectly, in the services that the entity makes available in this website.

COLEGIO Arcángel excludes any responsibility for damages of any kind that may be due to the use of the services provided by users.

The user will respond to the damages of any nature that COLEGIO Arcángel may suffer as a result of the failure to comply with the malpractice of the services and/or misuse of the contents as well as those derived from legislation, international laws and actions undertaken in the national and/or international jurisdiction.

Personal Data Protection

In compliance with the provisions of data protection, COLEGIO Arcángel guarantees full adequacy of the website, and all the services provided, to Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, regarding Personal Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21st December, regarding which builds on the aforementioned one as well as any norms, of international, state or autonomous scope, that regulate the matter. A specific legal text has been written for this purpose, called “Privacy Policy”, which may be accessed at any time.

Duration and modification

These conditions are applicable as long as they are stated here. COLEGIO Arcángel advises that, each time users access the website read the section carefully.

COLEGIO Arcángel reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions at any time, completely or partially. The modification has effects since its publication on the website, more specifically, starting with its insertion in the link “legal notice”.


COLEGIO Arcángel may choose to interrupt, suspend or unilaterally terminate access to the contents of the website, irrespective of the provisions of these conditions. Such situations shall not alter the validity of the prohibitions on the use of the contents exposed throughout the present.

Also, the owner of the website shall take the relevant measures, as far as possible, to notify users of such circumstances-suspension, interruption or access to the contents-.

Nullity and inefficacy

In the event that any provision or provisions of these conditions are deemed void or inapplicable, completely or partially, by any court or competent administrative body, such invalidity or inapplicability shall not affect the rest of the conditions contained in this website.

Non-exercise or execution, by COLEGIO Arcángel, of any right or disposition contained in these conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the same, unless explicitly recognized and written.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All the conditions inserted in the website are governed by the Spanish regulations. All conflicts, controversies or situations arising from these conditions shall be submitted to the Courts of Madrid, and the parties will expressly waive their jurisdiction.

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